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Happy Women's Day!

SeasonalPosted by Mayka Wed, March 08, 2017 14:18:31
Today I kept seeing lots and lots of lovely messages, inspiring pictures and quotes celebrating International Women's Day from early morning. It really is heartwarming, as there is normally so much tension and negativity in the news. It does feel good seeing people still find reasons to love and appreciate each other.
Men and women are like two separate species, that are probably not even meant to understand each other completely, however we just can't imagine living in a world without the other.

One of the empowering quotes about women has made me stop and think for a while. It said: 'A woman is like a teabag - you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.' Now why do you think this is?
Loving caring compassion of women brings this world as much value as logical persistent determination of men, while it rarely asks for credit, and often goes unnoticed. Maybe it is our inherited maternal instinct that just wants to nurture and support everyone around us. Maybe we are happy enough being a support team for our loved ones, we take their dreams and aspirations as our own ones, and celebrate their victories as our own.
But when things start going pear-shaped, we shake off all the inhibitions, storm into the armoury, and finally get on with things.

That moment when we know what we're fighting for (or what we're protecting), we suddenly know exactly what to do and how to do it. This big WHY usually isn't anything to do with money, prestige or credit. You would always find someone close to your heart being in danger, threat to the family or danger of losing connection in a way.

Now let's use this to our advantage, let's get the clear image of what we want and need for our loved ones, how our lives should look, and let's get going now. I mean now! Let's not wait until we're against the wall. If we wait another day, we are literally steeling a day of our amazing brilliant future from our loved ones. Now we wouldn't want to do that. right?

Well, let me wish to all the men, women and children lots and lots of feminine love that makes the whole world warmer and brighter <3

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