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What's OnPosted by Mayka Thu, December 08, 2016 03:00:40
Hello there!
You might be wondering, where have I been for the past half a year. Well, I am really sorry to have neglected my sharing and caring duties, I have kind of gone into a total overload mode. When you want things to work, you tend to do anything and everything, and sometimes way too much of it. That was more or less working all right, until I got a first proper wave of work (the real kind, that I was meant for). Suddenly I ended up in a headless chicken mode, with too many projects started, too many to do lists and too little time to keep the piles shrinking.
So I have dealt with it in my very typical way, just ''set it on fire'' and walked away. Don't panic, not literally. I have just dropped all the non-essential activities, and cracked on with the basics, until I have created comfortable space to stand up, stretch out and look around. It did help, of course, to de-clutter and re-organise my space, as much personal as professional. When you get fed up and act on this impulse, sometimes you lose great stuff that used to work, and that is what happened to my blogging posting and sharing.
The massive de-clutter is over, and we have been through a little bit of a re-branding to keep it fresh for you. You might notice things will be changing in next few weeks, so that we can start the New Year 2017 with a total face-lift from the inside out.
We are back to a lovely system where everything has it's time and place, so you will hear from me a lot more regularly, probably every month. I am kind of scared to promise after these six months of silence, but I will do my best :)
Well, bear with me, hope I keep entertaining and educating you throughout the year, and please, if you do spot something that can be improved, do let me know, I will really appreciate all kinds of creative ideas and gratefully accept any kind of inspiration.
So welcome back to my world, the hard work has paid off, and we can see the blossoms of that effort already :-) and see you soon.

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