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Let's March into Spring

SeasonalPosted by Mayka Tue, March 08, 2016 10:26:32

The third month of 2016 is super exciting this year. We have started it with St David's Day, celebrating a Patron Saint of Wales and all of our friends that were born and raised or ever lived in this beautiful part of the world. Maybe a few of us thought of taking a weekend off, spending some precious moments surrounded by sheep and the green hobbit land. And maybe, a few of us did :) Let me share a couple of pictures to motivate you a bit:

Not even a week later, we have celebrated our beautiful mothers. I don't have to remind you how important it is to have your mum close to your heart. We all are big and strong, very independent and grown-up, but when the going really gets tough, there is no better healing than a hug of your protective loving mother. With her by your side, the world is so much nicer place. Some of our friends have taken the biggest step ever and became mothers for the first time, sacrificing their own body privacy and freedom, only regretting one thing, that they haven't done so long time ago. And then there are those who have their adult children leaving the nest for the first time. There is that initial worry about how will they manage without your undivided attention and 24/7 support, but when you settle in and observe these complete human beings that you helped create, you realize how much more you are alike. You have given them the best of you, and now they are carrying your legacy forward, changing the lives of others.

And today we woke up to International Women's Day. This day is not about comparing and competing between the two genders. It is about celebrating the roles of each and every one of us in this society, and the perfect way we complement each other. Behind every successful man, there is a passionate caring woman. There is always the wife, mother, sister or a friend that helps us makes sense of all the cold mechanical and technical world, and discovers a soul of every challenge. With a little more understanding on spiritual and emotional level, the world might have been a lot more peaceful place. We are built a bit differently then you guys, so it's not all flowers and love hearts, so when the hormones bring out the worst in us, please have patience. We are just fighting the emotional s**t storm, trying to bring our world back into a perfect harmony, where everything is good and everyone is happy. Don't try to understand us, just love us. We all need each other to live a happy and fulfilling life, so let's appreciate today the little things we give each other to complete the puzzle :)

Another Patron Saint is coming to see us on 17th March, St. Patrick! We will all be wearing green for a day and drinking Guinness with a shamrock on it. I believe we have a really strong Irish community around here, so I thing you might get a chance to kiss an Irish or see a leprechaun even without getting on a Ryanair plane. Do make the most of it, enjoy the day and night of music, dance and storytelling about the old good times, back in the day.

Voila, the Spring Equinox is almost here! Yes, we made it through the long, gloomy and dark winter. From now on, the days will be longer, the people will be a lot more cheerful, and you will have the whole bucket of energy to enjoy the magic of spring! We still have 12 days to go, so why not get ready. I have already started my spring clean-up, scrubbing, fixing, sorting and chucking, making sure I have enough space in my life to welcome the beautiful sunny energy of spring.

So what else can we fit into March this year? Yes! Even Easter. Easter in Christian tradition is a celebration of a resurrection of Jesus from dead, and it comes after 40 days of fasting (Lent). Most of modern day Christians just decide to give up one or a few of their favourite naughty habits, such as eating meat, chocolate, alcohol, or some extremists decide to give up shopping :) Anyway, it is a good time to cleanse the body before the feast that follows after Easter Sunday. Don't let me get started on Slovak Easter traditions, where all the boys and men get out there, chasing girls and women with a willow whip decorated with lovely colourful ribbons, pouring cold water all over them. Then the thankful women tie more ribbons on their whip and give the guys treats, chocolates, painted eggs or coins, and of course a shot of homemade schnapps. Imagine the guys stumbling home after the tour of the whole city :) Family time follows, lots of food and drinks, cakes and fairytales, and especially the precious few days off.

Whatever you do this March, make it a great time for yourself and your loved ones, as every single festival is there for you to take a moment to appreciate what you have, and all the lovely people who are there to help make your world the best ever. We are not the ones that need to be divided into categories. Parents or children, men or women, Christians or Muslims, fun or boring, we all have something to bring to the table, and these days are merely reminders of our special qualities and superpowers. So embrace and enjoy :)

Love, Light and Healing


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