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Lymph Drainage - Revive, Detox and Heal

Alternative TherapiesPosted by Mayka Mon, January 18, 2016 17:55:24

Christmas and the New Year’s parties are over, and we can now spend the rest of the month trying to recover. It will be easier to be good as soon as all the cakes and drinks are out of sight, but who knows, how are we going to get rid of all the rubbish we have collected over the past month or so.

The important function lymph nodes play in our bodies

Luckily, our body is the ultimate survival machine, and it has all kinds of amazing systems built in to cope with our daily sins and lifestyle choices. One of them is definitely the lymphatic system, an enormous network of lymph nodes, connected with lymph veins and tiny capillaries. If we really want to simplify it, this is the main sewage system of the city where your soul lives. Its main and most important duty is to dispose of everything that is no longer needed, make space for more nourishing materials and new building blocks for your body’s recovery and best functioning.

The lymph nodes are tiny filtration stations that have the unique ability of noticing and selecting the waste materials that are useless or harmful to our best functioning. They vary from the size of a pea to a larger kidney bean, and they are usually found in clusters in the under arm area, around the groin, in the neck and collar bone area.

We all have them, but not all of us have the same density and strength of our lymph system, which directly influences our immunity, our speed of recovery after illnesses and generally the vitality and energy. I am sure you know someone that can power through a flu season, bad weather and a boiler malfunction without a single sneeze, and then there is this other friend who catches everything everywhere, even though they might be taking care of themselves quite well. That is the power of a lymph system.

...and how a Lymph Drainage massage can help

So how do you make the most out of what you have? The manual Lymph Drainage is a very specific type of massage, which literally clears your lymph vessels out, speeds up healing, recovery and improves overall performance.

It is a very gentle and relaxing massage technique, where we channel the lymph fluid in the right directions to help the body with the cleansing process. This boosts our defence abilities, improves our reflexes, gives us that last bit of an advantage in case we are a professional athlete that really needs to win this race. Some professional sports teams require their masseuse to offer this type of a massage, as it is not only a great preparation for performance, but also speeds up the recovery and healing in case of injuries.

But if you can't have your professional sports masseuse by your side at all times, you need something quick in your sports bag to give you the needed boost, help you achieve the peak performance and allow you to recover quicker. The Argi+ is your choice. With the aid of L-Arginine it helps oxygenise and nourish the body throughout the activity.

Facial lymph drainage is also a very rejuvenating treatment that minimises wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles, and leaves the skin radiant and fresh. The improved circulation and ridding the skin of the exhausting waste materials makes the complexion very accepting of whatever we offer. It is advised to only use the top quality natural products after this massage, as you get twice as much benefit then without having the treatment done. The Sonya range is my absolute favourite, as it is based on the pure active Aloe Vera gel, but also has an added benefit of herbal extracts and essential oils, that are on its own really powerful.

Another amazing use of manual lymph drainage is in preventing and fighting the cellulite, AKA the orange skin. We can do a certain variation of a lymph drainage to target the stubborn deposits of fibrotic fatty tissue, that is poking through the deeper layers of skin. Yes, we all suffer from this ugly conditions, and it does have a lot to do with our lifestyle, activity level, quality of nutrition and regular sleep, however, women's physiology is a bit different from men's. Our tissue is designed to be a lot more stretchy and loose, to accommodate the needs of a baby in case of pregnancy. That's why we don't burst when expecting. With regular treatments this can be little by little dissolved and drained away, however, serious lifestyle changes will be required to maintain the improved condition.

This could also play a huge role especially for patients with bumps and lumps, as after chemotherapy and surgery, more often than not, some or all of the lymph nodes in the area have to be taken out to prevent further outbreaks of the disease. This of course causes a build-up of a lymph fluid that has no passage way to drain through, resulting in oedema, a hard swelling in the limb filled with stagnant fluid. With a deeper knowledge of the lymph system, we are able to create a D-tour and navigate the excess lymph through smaller nodes, or the ones that are further away from the injured area. With our help, they can substitute the missing ones pretty effectively, however without continuous regular treatments, the oedema will keep reappearing, as we simply cannot grow new lymph nodes.

I would suggest though to use Lymph drainage in conjunction with Kinesiotaping, that makes the result of the treatment last a bit longer. The tape can be used in a very specific way to navigate the lymph flow in a direction of functional lymph nodes. that makes the process of build-up towards oedema a bit slower.

If you asked me to pick my favourite benefit of a manual lymph drainage, I couldn't tell you. It is all too awesome and the usage is so broad and varied, that it literally has something to offer every one of us!

I hope you have learned something new today, and you will treat yourselves to something lovely, may it be a great jog out in the park or a cosy evening with films and popcorn, just make sure you have a bit of both worlds ;)

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Love, light and healing


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