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Happy New You!

SeasonalPosted by Mayka Wed, December 30, 2015 10:46:01

Another year is over. Can you believe that? It was only like yesterday when we were planning all that awesome stuff we were going to do and achieve in the New Year 2015, and we're sitting down with our yearly planners, counting our blessings already.

Was it a successful year? Or was it at least rich in lessons? Sometimes it is hard to see the bright side of the situation, especially when we are playing the main part, but trust me, those are your future memories, those gems from your past that you will be telling your kids about. Well, let's try to remember that next time things go wrong.

Do you do the New Year's resolutions? What is your success rate? Some of us just have the standard ones that keep being pushed forward from one year to the next, and they kind of get forgotten by the second week of January, and some others have a clear militaristic plan of achievements, and they don't end the year without having it all ticked off. (Respect guys)

As I am neither of these types, I had to come up with a very individual approach. My ego doesn't really like me failing at stuff, but trust me, I love winning, and enjoy success in any shape or form. So from 2008 on, I just came up with a different strategy. Strategy of motivation and full control, without the possibility of failing.

Every year, I just take the last numbers of the year, the next year being 2016, and give myself a task of trying 16 new things. I can tell you it was a lot easier in 2008, but I really wonder how active my 2070 will have to be :D I am really flexible with this, some of the things I just try and decide never to do them again, but at least I know now, and some slowly turn out to be my new habits and help me live a better life.

This way we have done things, been to places, climbed mountains, tried sports, eaten all kinds of things, and our lives are getting richer day by day. As you know, time flies, and more often than not, I find myself mid-September, wondering how am I doing, if I'm hitting the target, and have another look around to see what else could we try this year.

However you approach this delicate time of the year, my wish for you is to love yourself, be kind and patient and don't let things that are supposed to make you happy, stress you out.

Let's have a look how have we done this year so far: (Surprisingly, I ran out of my compulsory 15 in October :) Shall I carry the rest forward into 2016?)

1 Learned the art of Kinesiotaping, that helps us get over aches and pains

2 Done a FIT training in London to help you guys stay FIT :)

3 Made our first Maya's Healing Hands video (Finally)

4 Tried archery for the first time

5 Seen a Burlesque show (very interesting)

6 Learned Indian Head Massage (While meeting some lovely new friends)

7 Started playing squash regularly (Swapped it for tennis in the summer)

8 Got our 3 lovely re-homed terrapins (and they're here to stay)

9 Climbed Ben Nevis in Scotland (3 Peaks have been conquered one by one)

10 Found great business mentors and learned some amazing new habits

11 Done a hot air balloon flight, seen the world as a huge Lego playground

12 Started healing with Rahanni

13 Started a regime of weekly Amatsu treatments

14 Started driving again (Yay, independence)

15 Done a long planned couples massage with my favourite sister

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