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What's OnPosted by Mayka Tue, June 02, 2015 12:51:56

Hello there beautiful people!

I got an interesting question recently. ''Haven’t you put on a bit of weight since I’ve seen you last time (almost 5 years ago)?'' Obviously at the time I went into automatic self-defence mode, and it made me look into the mirror once or twice. And then it hit me!

Is this what we need young girls to feel like? I am a grown up woman, and I have done a whole lot of personal re-development in last few years. I would say I am pretty happy with who I am now, and where I am heading. I do work that I absolutely love, I get at least 7 hours of good sleep every night, I eat regularly, and I choose the best of what my body needs. I do have a walk every day, I play squash or tennis 4 times a week, with people who like me for who I am.

My BMI and weight are still in the lower bit of HEALTHY levels, but most of the days I do manage to hit the amount of calories to keep my body happy and fully functional. I get on with loads of work, and I take on any new challenge I find interesting and fun.

Would I swap with my 24 year old me? Let me tell you that I would NEVER! This poor kid had just started exploring her own qualities and values, after years of being trapped in soul destroying job, constantly punishing her body for not measuring up to other people’s expectations, not even realizing, how many dreams and desires she still had.

No, I would never want to be seriously underweight again. And I wouldn’t want to be 18, and I wouldn’t want to be getting up in the middle of the night again, to go to work I don’t enjoy anymore. And no, I wouldn’t want to have my friends that left me when I needed them.

And I honestly don’t think I should want any of those things. There is no way to send a grown-up back to nursery, just because they were a lot cuter back then, and when we outgrow our former self, we should feel free to enjoy who we became, without having to find excuse.

So what I would say to the young, the old, the pregnant, the retired and all the other girls don’t let anyone destroy your self-love. Most people’s reality is constantly being distorted by ads, magazines, Barbie dolls and half naked music videos, so we can’t blame them for not recognizing a real human body when they see one.

I will be re-launching my old good Facebook group '''', and I would love you all to join in and have lots of fun. We will just get together and support each other in what we like to do. We will play loads of games, do sports together, organize days out, and explore stuff we haven’t tried yet. So join in and let’s keep all our changes positive ;)

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