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Clearing Your Diary

Natural RemediesPosted by Mayka Fri, March 02, 2018 18:49:22

What a beautiful day! Right? We don't tend to think so if we're stuck on M1 buried under a ton of snow, in an endless queue of cars.

Maybe this is a final effort of a Mother Nature, to give us a last gentle nudge to go back to basics, retreat into your cosy home with a cuppa, and re-evaluate, which things are really important in your life.

Cleansing, clearing and de-cluttering is an essential part of our daily life. We should regularly pay attention to our physical, spiritual and also emotional hygiene. It goes without saying, that we all shower, brush our teeth and keep our homes clean and tidy, as much as the pets and kids allow. But what about all the other aspects of our life that might need looking into once in a while?

We go through the motions of New Year's detox, spring cleaning, wardrobe clear-outs and pre-Christmas cleaning almost automatically, because we are kind of expected to. But what about these shocking weather surprises that mess up our plans and put everything on hold?

This time I have accepted it, and actually embraced all the unexpected extra time it has given me. The Beast From the East has made me realize I was long overdue a big diary detox. As usual, I've had a diary bursting with clients all weekend, and so many different events clashing and overlapping in all the spare times, and guess what! Everything got cancelled.

At first I had felt a sense of responsibility and a strong urge to deal with it, and then it dawned on me. ''Just have a break for once!''. I have printed out all the course material for my training in London, cooked a dinner at 9 in the morning, had a lovely breakfast, and crawled back into bed with a nice book and a hot cup of a chamomile tea.

After a nice few hours of an unexpected time off, I have gone back to that diary. All of that stuff that was absolutely crucial and put me under so much pressure has suddenly disappeared, and the world didn't come to an end. I have still served all my clients and honoured all of my commitments, some with delays, but hey, we're allowed that when it snows. The most important part of the learning for me was that such a large part of my ''To Do List'' was an unnecessary fluff distracting us from our own quality time and creating an illusion of stress and pressure.

It's funny how everything is so much clearer when the world is all bright white, slow and quiet. My learning from this experience, don't let the madness of the world to pull you in, and protect your time you have to give. There surely are people in your life that deserve it more, and after all, it will all work out anyway.

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