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Reflexology-A Lot More Than A Pamper

Alternative TherapiesPosted by Mayka Fri, April 08, 2016 10:26:54

We are all hoping that this long and gloomy winter is almost over now. Mother nature is waking up, blossoming with vibrant colours of spring, and so are we. Getting those cheerful T-shirts out, light jackets and sunglasses, and the bravest of us are looking for our old good sandals.

It is not a secret that the feet are the most neglected part of our body during the winter. They don't get much exposure for almost half a year, most of the times we just make sure they are wrapped up nicely, thick socks and furry boots are No 1 option.

Now the time has come to treat them to a nice long reflexology session, and maybe a shiny pedicure too. You might be surprised to know there is a lot more to Reflexology than a nice pamper treat.

Our body is like a perfectly designed machine with millions of neural pathways and electric currents delivering the right information to all the right places. Can you imagine our brain generates enough energy to power a light bulb? These energetic connections create a thick web interconnecting our whole body, making it possible to bring us from thoughts to actions, but also regulate all the ''automatic'' activities in our body, like breathing, sweating, battling infections or digesting food.

We only consciously influence about 6% of our body processes, so the vast majority is happening in the background without our aware contribution. And that is where it all goes wrong. People nowadays are not in touch with their inner self like they used to be, and most of the times our body's warning signals go unnoticed for long periods of time. When the overload gets too much, we start noticing discomfort, symptoms or straight out diseases.

Luckily, with Foot Reflexology we can pick up the areas of blockages and tension a long time before the outbreak of symptoms and pains. Our feet offer us a full body map of every bone, joint and organ in our body, connected into systems and the whole organism as such. Having your ''feet done'' can have double impact on your health and well-being.

For this one hour in your holistic salon, your body gets a gift of speech. By noticing these different sore or sensitive spots on your foot, your therapist will be able to tell you which area or function of your body is being compromised, and you get a second chance to put precautions in place and mend it before it's too late.

Through the foot massage, your brain is also receiving all the signals from the area of concern, and as all the internal organs are connected with the reflex zones on your feet, it does focus its attention not only on the foot where the signal is coming from, but more importantly on the problem area hidden somewhere deep inside your body. This way, your body can stop and reverse so many processes that might otherwise end up in hands of doctors or even surgery.

So before you start your sandal season this year, go and have a good chat with your body, and let it know you are listening, and you want to keep it happy, healthy and beautiful.

To book your appointment call Maya on 07964 722 307, drop us an e-mail on or head to to browse around and see if there is anything else you might need to get you in the best shape ever.

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