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Wedding Day!

EventsPosted by Mayka Thu, May 14, 2015 18:47:59

The winter is long gone, and all the love birds are quite happy to get married this time of the year! And yes, we were there last week, to make their big planning a little less stressful :)


Glasses of bubbly waiting at the door, to welcome the excited brides-to-be, Shiny white veteran car nicely polished outside on the lawn, ready in case someone was spontaneous enough to tie the knot there and then, and our Travel Counsellor Sharon Court ready to book them a super-romantic honeymoon in a blink of an eye.

Soothing tunes of a petit Georgia Singer have filled the whole Discovery Centre at the Stockwood Park, complementing the magical atmosphere. Vicky Richman and her team from Luton Culture have done a great job, if it has a Wedding in the name, you could find it there. Music, lights, flowers, dresses, jewellery, or my amazing range of healthy beauty products, all in their spots.

If you were dedicated enough to make it all the way up the hill, despite the pressure of responsibilities of the election day, you got a great treat. Raffles and competitions, cool and funky ideas and accessories, all set in a dreamy backdrop of one of our biggest and nicest parks.


Do you still remember what were you competing to win at Maya's Healing Hands last week? Yes, it was a lovely brush set in a handy little case to make your big day that little bit more organized and stress free :)

Why wouldn't you try our Flawless mineral makeup range, that is so gentle and soothing, that your skin would kiss you for using it!

Call or email me to book a party for you and your friends, bridesmaids, housemates or whoever that needs a bit of a pamper, or just find out about my crazy variety of natural products for wellness, beauty, weight management, sports nutrition and supplementation, or your everyday personal, pets or home needs.

And here is what you've been waiting for:

The lucky winner is Anne Hayes!

Well done to all of you for taking part and enjoying this lovely day, and I hope your big day is absolutely unforgettable, and you have thousands memories to go back to many years after.

In the end, it is all about love anyway, so don't stress out too much and enjoy the day off with your dearest and nearest ones ;)


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