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Reflexology-A Lot More Than A Pamper

Alternative TherapiesPosted by Mayka Fri, April 08, 2016 10:26:54

We are all hoping that this long and gloomy winter is almost over now. Mother nature is waking up, blossoming with vibrant colours of spring, and so are we. Getting those cheerful T-shirts out, light jackets and sunglasses, and the bravest of us are looking for our old good sandals.

It is not a secret that the feet are the most neglected part of our body during the winter. They don't get much exposure for almost half a year, most of the times we just make sure they are wrapped up nicely, thick socks and furry boots are No 1 option.

Now the time has come to treat them to a nice long reflexology session, and maybe a shiny pedicure too. You might be surprised to know there is a lot more to Reflexology than a nice pamper treat.

Our body is like a perfectly designed machine with millions of neural pathways and electric currents delivering the right information to all the right places. Can you imagine our brain generates enough energy to power a light bulb? These energetic connections create a thick web interconnecting our whole body, making it possible to bring us from thoughts to actions, but also regulate all the ''automatic'' activities in our body, like breathing, sweating, battling infections or digesting food.

We only consciously influence about 6% of our body processes, so the vast majority is happening in the background without our aware contribution. And that is where it all goes wrong. People nowadays are not in touch with their inner self like they used to be, and most of the times our body's warning signals go unnoticed for long periods of time. When the overload gets too much, we start noticing discomfort, symptoms or straight out diseases.

Luckily, with Foot Reflexology we can pick up the areas of blockages and tension a long time before the outbreak of symptoms and pains. Our feet offer us a full body map of every bone, joint and organ in our body, connected into systems and the whole organism as such. Having your ''feet done'' can have double impact on your health and well-being.

For this one hour in your holistic salon, your body gets a gift of speech. By noticing these different sore or sensitive spots on your foot, your therapist will be able to tell you which area or function of your body is being compromised, and you get a second chance to put precautions in place and mend it before it's too late.

Through the foot massage, your brain is also receiving all the signals from the area of concern, and as all the internal organs are connected with the reflex zones on your feet, it does focus its attention not only on the foot where the signal is coming from, but more importantly on the problem area hidden somewhere deep inside your body. This way, your body can stop and reverse so many processes that might otherwise end up in hands of doctors or even surgery.

So before you start your sandal season this year, go and have a good chat with your body, and let it know you are listening, and you want to keep it happy, healthy and beautiful.

To book your appointment call Maya on 07964 722 307, drop us an e-mail on or head to to browse around and see if there is anything else you might need to get you in the best shape ever.

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Lymph Drainage - Revive, Detox and Heal

Alternative TherapiesPosted by Mayka Mon, January 18, 2016 17:55:24

Christmas and the New Year’s parties are over, and we can now spend the rest of the month trying to recover. It will be easier to be good as soon as all the cakes and drinks are out of sight, but who knows, how are we going to get rid of all the rubbish we have collected over the past month or so.

The important function lymph nodes play in our bodies

Luckily, our body is the ultimate survival machine, and it has all kinds of amazing systems built in to cope with our daily sins and lifestyle choices. One of them is definitely the lymphatic system, an enormous network of lymph nodes, connected with lymph veins and tiny capillaries. If we really want to simplify it, this is the main sewage system of the city where your soul lives. Its main and most important duty is to dispose of everything that is no longer needed, make space for more nourishing materials and new building blocks for your body’s recovery and best functioning.

The lymph nodes are tiny filtration stations that have the unique ability of noticing and selecting the waste materials that are useless or harmful to our best functioning. They vary from the size of a pea to a larger kidney bean, and they are usually found in clusters in the under arm area, around the groin, in the neck and collar bone area.

We all have them, but not all of us have the same density and strength of our lymph system, which directly influences our immunity, our speed of recovery after illnesses and generally the vitality and energy. I am sure you know someone that can power through a flu season, bad weather and a boiler malfunction without a single sneeze, and then there is this other friend who catches everything everywhere, even though they might be taking care of themselves quite well. That is the power of a lymph system.

...and how a Lymph Drainage massage can help

So how do you make the most out of what you have? The manual Lymph Drainage is a very specific type of massage, which literally clears your lymph vessels out, speeds up healing, recovery and improves overall performance.

It is a very gentle and relaxing massage technique, where we channel the lymph fluid in the right directions to help the body with the cleansing process. This boosts our defence abilities, improves our reflexes, gives us that last bit of an advantage in case we are a professional athlete that really needs to win this race. Some professional sports teams require their masseuse to offer this type of a massage, as it is not only a great preparation for performance, but also speeds up the recovery and healing in case of injuries.

But if you can't have your professional sports masseuse by your side at all times, you need something quick in your sports bag to give you the needed boost, help you achieve the peak performance and allow you to recover quicker. The Argi+ is your choice. With the aid of L-Arginine it helps oxygenise and nourish the body throughout the activity.

Facial lymph drainage is also a very rejuvenating treatment that minimises wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles, and leaves the skin radiant and fresh. The improved circulation and ridding the skin of the exhausting waste materials makes the complexion very accepting of whatever we offer. It is advised to only use the top quality natural products after this massage, as you get twice as much benefit then without having the treatment done. The Sonya range is my absolute favourite, as it is based on the pure active Aloe Vera gel, but also has an added benefit of herbal extracts and essential oils, that are on its own really powerful.

Another amazing use of manual lymph drainage is in preventing and fighting the cellulite, AKA the orange skin. We can do a certain variation of a lymph drainage to target the stubborn deposits of fibrotic fatty tissue, that is poking through the deeper layers of skin. Yes, we all suffer from this ugly conditions, and it does have a lot to do with our lifestyle, activity level, quality of nutrition and regular sleep, however, women's physiology is a bit different from men's. Our tissue is designed to be a lot more stretchy and loose, to accommodate the needs of a baby in case of pregnancy. That's why we don't burst when expecting. With regular treatments this can be little by little dissolved and drained away, however, serious lifestyle changes will be required to maintain the improved condition.

This could also play a huge role especially for patients with bumps and lumps, as after chemotherapy and surgery, more often than not, some or all of the lymph nodes in the area have to be taken out to prevent further outbreaks of the disease. This of course causes a build-up of a lymph fluid that has no passage way to drain through, resulting in oedema, a hard swelling in the limb filled with stagnant fluid. With a deeper knowledge of the lymph system, we are able to create a D-tour and navigate the excess lymph through smaller nodes, or the ones that are further away from the injured area. With our help, they can substitute the missing ones pretty effectively, however without continuous regular treatments, the oedema will keep reappearing, as we simply cannot grow new lymph nodes.

I would suggest though to use Lymph drainage in conjunction with Kinesiotaping, that makes the result of the treatment last a bit longer. The tape can be used in a very specific way to navigate the lymph flow in a direction of functional lymph nodes. that makes the process of build-up towards oedema a bit slower.

If you asked me to pick my favourite benefit of a manual lymph drainage, I couldn't tell you. It is all too awesome and the usage is so broad and varied, that it literally has something to offer every one of us!

I hope you have learned something new today, and you will treat yourselves to something lovely, may it be a great jog out in the park or a cosy evening with films and popcorn, just make sure you have a bit of both worlds ;)

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Love, light and healing


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Deep Tissue Massage

Alternative TherapiesPosted by Mayka Tue, September 15, 2015 10:08:28

How deep is your massage?

It is a well known fact that massage is an essential part of a recovery and maintenance of a healthy body in our modern busy lives. It not only relieves the stress and tension and improves healing of strained tissues, but also flushes out the build-up of toxins and waste materials caused by our lifestyle, food choices and daily activity.

How do you choose the right one for you though? Most of us go for a deep tissue massage as a first choice, as we are subconsciously aware of lack of attention towards our body, and we feel the need to compensate by something that sounds really serious.

What is this Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a variation of a classic Swedish massage, however most of the moves and techniques that are used in the treatment are shorter, sharper, deeper, and more targeted into exact locations, with most tension and blockages. Every massage needs to begin with smoother longer ''warming up'' strokes, that prepare tense and tired muscles for the ''workout'' part of the massage. Then we can gradually increase the pressure and adjust the technique according to a client's comfort and pain threshold.

Who needs it most?

Deep tissue massage is usually a best choice for people who have monotonous strenuous jobs, regularly take part in physically demanding activities, that are quite muscular, or their body has already adapted to a classic massage. Yes, your muscles get used to all the work you give them.

What does it do for you?

One of the best benefits you get from a regular massage is a strong muscular built, which can support you in events of unexpected strain or accident, better circulation and lymph flow, which prevents unnecessary illness and infections, and overall improvement of immunity and energy levels.

Massage can also be effectively used for immediate short term results, like relaxation, alleviation of anxiety and depression, temporary relief from sleeping disorders, but also mobilisation of blockages and spasms that have formed in the past, and are causing pain and restricting mobility.

How do the knots build up?

We can go a long time without dealing with these minor issues, however, there is a real danger here. A blockage caused by minor injury, or even just sleeping funny can result in a massive problem in the future. I like to compare this to a car crash in the tunnel. When the blockage appears at first, it might be really insignificant. With nutrients and minerals constantly streaming in though, there is no passageway for metabolites to leave the body. At first, the smaller particles with fluid do get through, but in time the build-up of the larger ones is almost palpable, and slowly but surely, you have to notice tension and discomfort around your muscles.

What happens to the knots that are not dealt with?

At this stage, the massaged muscles feel pretty crackly, the build-up of the waste materials can be grainy at first, and with time grow all the way to the size of a walnut. This is when your muscles are deprived of nutrition and oxygen, as more and more passageways are getting blocked up, and the whole groups of muscles are getting tense and rigid.

This can be still dealt with, even though the treatments get increasingly painful with the amounts of waste to be removed. If you still choose to ignore the situation, you are risking a real threat of calcification, as some of the minerals trapped in the stagnant area can turn the lump into a bone-like substance, that might severely restrict mobility, and might later result in surgery.

How to keep yourself in a good shape?

Regular massage treatments do prevent these extreme situations, and aid your overall health and performance, so there is really no reason to wait until things get out of control. If there is a lot of work to be done, to get you back in shape, when you are already dealing with a particular issue, you might need to commit to at least 5 or 6 weekly sessions. However, if you are still in a good shape, and want to keep yourself in a peak condition, a fortnightly or a monthly treatment is all you need. It is of course very individual, depending on the level of your fitness the character of work that you do and generally your daily habits.

Can you help yourself?

There are many ways you can aid the recovery of your muscles. Alongside regular treatments and healthy lifestyle, you can use Aloe Vera based Heat Lotion that penetrates deep into the tissue and helps bring the warming agents deep into the muscles, rather than just sit on the skin and irritate you, and MSM Gel that works well as a local pain killer and is formulated with MSM which is organic Sulphur naturally occurring in bones and cartilage. Please visit the Store for more great sports products that will help you improve your fitness levels and reach your goals.

To book your session, or a free consultation, please browse through Maya's Healing Hands website and give us a call, message or email, or simply fill out a quick contact form and we will get back to you within a few hours!

Have a healthy day, and do something nice for yourself ;)

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Sciatica, causes and cures

Alternative TherapiesPosted by Mayka Fri, July 03, 2015 08:45:07
Is sciatica ruining your life? Kinesiotaping can help

Most of us know at least one or more people complaining of a strange lower back-leg chronic pain. Sciatica is generally a term that comprises all of those pains that are ''shooting'' from your spine, into your lower back, buttocks, thigh, and in some cases, all the way to the knee, ankle or foot.

What causes Sciatica?

It is a condition mostly caused by a disc bulging out from between the vertebrae, pressing onto the sciatic nerve causing a constant excruciating pain. The disc is a little bouncy cushion between our vertebrae, that keeps our spine bendy and flexible, and at the same time it helps us soften the impact of bouncing and heavy lifting. It is soft gelatine encapsulated in a strong layer of cartilage. If this is being overstrained for a long time, the cartilage weakens and allows the liquid to leak out and press onto the nerve, causing the pain.

Why do some people suffer from Sciatica and others don’t?

The answer to this lies in the lifestyle you lead. Our body has been designed to handle quite a lot, for quite a long time too, but nowadays, more and more people tend to push it to the limit. We choose a sedentary lifestyle with not enough exercise and strengthening activity, or on the other hand, do long hours at monotonous, physically demanding jobs that only strain certain parts of our body (and spine). Now we're slowly starting to see how this weakened area on our disc has appeared from out of nowhere.

The site of the pain isn't always where you think it is

This pain is being caused in a place that is distant from a place where it projects itself and that is why so many times it takes a while to identify the problem. Regular treatments and release techniques offer very little relief, if any. The western medicinal choices for treatment of Sciatica include a whole spectrum of pain relief ranging from over the counter Ibuprofen, through Morphine to Epidural steroid injections. Most times the constant unbearable pain results in surgery, that removes the bulging bit of the disc, which bears a risk of causing even more irritation or permanent damage to the Sciatic nerve.

There are no other mainstream remedies, other than increasing the dosage of painkillers, so most of the sufferers are left on their own in the dark. There are ways to alleviate the pain temporarily by lying down flat on the floor (or other hard surface), grab onto wall bars and hang for a while, and try to stay active. I know this is a bit of a ''catch 22'', as you are not going to run a marathon with pain that's just about killing you, but keeping your back muscles strong is crucial to support your spine that is struggling.

New techniques are now available to alleviate pain relief while you build up your core strength

Kinesiotaping is a brilliant technique which is being applied to allow you a little break from the pain, while you take a look at correcting your posture and start building up muscle and strengthen your core. It is a technique developed in Japan in early 70's, and it is recognised to be effective enough to be banned in the Olympics as a doping. Special way of application of the semi-textile tape does alleviate the pressure in the injured area, which causes almost instant relief from pain.

I have had great results with many of my clients, who say it helped them alleviate pain enough to get into sports routine and build up more strength to keep the pain manageable in the next weeks and months to come. One client even told me that this treatment has given him his first pain-free week in a decade. He then came back a few weeks later to get taped for the Rugby final between England and Ireland, because he can't handle Sciatica and a hangover at the same time !!

Of course, while you're building yourself up and correcting your habits and routines, you might need a bit of help from mother nature:

The Forever Freedom drinking gel is an Aloe Vera based supplement with Glucosamine and Chondroitine, that are widely used to help with rebuilding lost or depleted cartilage

MSM gel is a topical ointment that assists with supplying the organic Sulphur that is naturally in bones and joints, and also serves as a brilliant local painkiller

…and of course, we couldn't go without a Heat Lotion, that offers a deep heat relief directly in the area of tension and discomfort, rather than just sitting on the skin and irritating it

Where can I get Kinesiotaping?

If you are interested in the Taping, please do ask for more details, as it improves blood circulation, aids natural body's lymph-drainage and helps heal traumatised tissue faster. There are hundreds of ways taping can help manage and improve an array of problems and pains, ranging from muscle support and relaxation, joint relief and realignment, wounds and bruises healing, gynaecological problems, support in pregnancy, Bunyan and many others.

The taping session would normally last between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the area that needs to be treated and the massage and mobilisation techniques necessary to assess the correct method of tape usage.

You can BOOK YOUR SESSION NOW. Call me on 07964 722307 or write to me at

If you want some advice with your particular problem, don’t hesitate to ask.

You also need to be aware that the tape can be worn up to a week, so if you are planning to show a bit of skin at the party, please ask for nude coloured tape.

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